Power Take off’s & Extension Shafts

Transerve-JHT offer a comprehensive range of Power Take Offs with varying coupling systems which are ideal for most makes of vehicles employing,  pneumatic, mechanical or vacuum-controlled and clutch coupling systems.

Power Take Off’s

Power Take Off’s

Factors to be taken into account when specifying your PTO includes the average expected workload, power requirement, work cycle frequencies and lubrication types.

Power Take Off’s Classifications

PTO’s are classified in terms of work duration being: Short term operation being of less than 15 minutes, average duration being 15 to 30 minutes duration and long duration workloads greater than 30 minutes.

Specifying Power Take Off’s

The required power expressed as HP or Kw, Pto output shaft rotation speed, anticipated Pto work cycles and non forced gearbox oil lubrication levels are key considerations in specifying a Pto for your vehicle.