Fail Safe Braking Systems

TranServe-JHT are the official importers and distributors for Advanced Braking Systems, Australia’s FAIL SAFE BRAKE products.

Fail Safe Braking Technology

ABT’s Fail Safe Brake Features include:

  • Reliable service and park brake systems
  • The brake caliper, rotor and brake pads are fully enclosed and protected in an oil-filled housing. This completely protects the brake from contamination and reduced brake component temperatures, virtually eliminate brake component wear. This results in a very reliable service brake and park brake as there is no deterioration of the critical brake system components. The “spring applied hydraulic release” park brake ensures that the park brake is fully applied every time. Coupled with the low wear of the brake components this means that the vehicle is reliably restrained every time. There is no longer any need for vehicle chocking.
  • Low maintenance requirements

We are South African Stockists ABT Australia’s Range of Products

ABT’s Fail Safe Brakes are Unique

ABT fail safe breaks are reliable in all conditions and feature low wear rates with no brake fade and increased vehicle availability. These brake systems are suitable for mine site and road operations and offer increased performance and reduced maintenance.

Fail Safe Brake Utility Vehicle Compatibility

All ABT’s fail safe brakes are LHD, RHD, ABS and non ABS compatible and can be fitted to a number of utility vehicle models including: Ford Rangers, Isuzu D-Max’s, Isuzu NPS 4×4, Mitsubishi and Nissan models.

ABT’s Fail Safe Brake Systems Truck Compatibility

ABT’s fail safe braking technology is compatible with Isuzu FSS 550, FTS 700/750/800, FVZ 6×4, Hino FM, GT Series, Mack Metroliner and Kenworth T359. Complies with South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) 1589.