Axles, Suspensions & Air Bags

Transerve-JHT fits BWP trailer axles which are light but built rugged and have a high load capacity.

Trailer Axles, Suspensions and Air Bags

BWP Trailer Axles

Built for heavy loads, BWP Rigid Trailer Axles are rugged, yet light. Many options to chose from including: versions with air or mechanical suspensions, with disc or drum brakes, single or double tyres etc.

Articulated Trailer Bogies

Our trailer bogies sub assemblies are built to handle the toughest haulage conditions.

Suspension Air bags / Bellows

We supply a range of premium Goodyear and Firestone Air Bags / Bellows and springs to suit your exacting requirements.

BWP Disk Brakes

We offer high efficiency, lightweight, BWP ECO Disk Brakes designed to give you a bigger payload.

Articulated Trailer Suspension Systems

Trailer suspension systems

Suspension Air bags Assembly

Trailer suspension Air bag Assembly.

Mechanical Suspensions

Single Hook Mono Leaf Mechanical Suspension Spring

We supply numerous makes of Single Hook Mono Leaf springs in lengths and widths to suit your requirements.

Double Hook Mono Leaf Mechanical Suspension Spring

We source and supply various Double Hook Mono Leaf Mechanical springs in various lengths and widths to suit your specifications.

Hendrickson, ROR York Mechanical Suspensions

We offer underslung series suspensions systems for Tri Axles, Tandem Axles and Single Axle trailers.

Full Range of Replacement Parts

Truck Brake Pads / Brake Shoes

We stock a comprehensive range of brake pads in various sizes to suit your specifications.

U-bolt, Pin and Screws

Transerve-JHT are leading suppliers of a wide range of heavy-duty mechanical suspension components.

Outboard Brake Drums

Our outboard brake drum mounting systems make for reduced downtime when conducting inspections and servicing.

Trailer Brake Hubs

Our mountings are regarded as the easiest, strongest and most effective systems in the haulage industry.

Trailer Wheel Nuts and Studs

We stock a large variety of trailer wheel studs, lug bolts, lug nuts and wheel mounting hardware for trailer hubs, drums and disc rotors for heavy duty, commercial trailers.

Trailer Spares


Trailer Spares