ROPS FOPS Toyota Land Cruiser Conversion

Rollover protection systems or rollover protection structures (ROPS) are systems and structures designed to offer protection to occupants against the crushing force resulting from roll over events of machinery or equipment.

JHT specialises in converting various types of vehicles including Toyota Landcruiser Single cabs. This single cab ROPS vehicle features:

A world class fail-safe brake system manufactured and fitted according to SANS 1589-2012.

JHT designed and installed a fire suppression system and installed fire fighting equipment.

We supplied and mounted first aid equipment according to the customer’s specifications.

A custom designed and installed ROPS structure to the interior and exterior of the driver cab, ensuring that the occupants are secure.

A specially specified drop-side load body with 4 seater Rops & Fops structure to comply with ACC spec 264073.