ROPS FOPS Flat Deck Bodies


Transerve-JHT offers a various custom and standard flat decked body configurations for a number of light commercial vehicles including Toyota Dyna’s and Hilux’s.

Flat decked vehicle bodies are specified where a commercial vehicle will be used primarily to transport palletised goods enabling the easy loading and off-loading of cargo.

Our flat decked body’s feature extra stiffening, ROPS and FOPS structures where required and additional structural elements to prevent the flat body sagging.

Our bodies have strategically placed hooks enabling palletised loads to be tied down securely.

JHT trailers also install smart LED tail lights and high visibility chevrons.

JHT-Transerve will customise the length and width according to customers specifications while taking account of the vehicle’s chassis dimensions. Our flat bodies are constructed of 3 or 4.5mm gauge, high strength  mild steel.

Headboard heights are also custom designed and can be either a ROPS / FOPS configuration or designed to extend beyond the cab’s roof.

Flat decked light delivery logistics vehicles are ideal to get around the city with ease.