ROPS FOPS Toyota Hilux Conversion

Built on a Toyota Hilux platform, this vehicle features a heavy duty flat-deck load body and was designed with storage multiple storage compartments intended for maintenance tools & equipment.

The vehicle has been designed with ruggedness in mind and has a heavy duty flat deck type body.

This ROPS Vehicle was designed specifically with ease of use by maintenance personnel in mind and comes complete with fluid transfer equipment with 9kg fire extinguisher with a bracket, pump system & storage tanks complete with a breather system for the following:

  • 100 liters of hydraulic oil
  • 100 liters of engine oil
  • 100 liters of coolant
  • 50kg of grease

Well designed and manufactured Roll Over Protective Systems (ROPS) when combined with occupants using safety belts, have been proven to dramatically decrease fatalities resulting from overturned vehicles.