Cattle Body Truck Conversion

Transerve-JHT offers custom built, rigid and semi trailer livestock carrier conversions designed specifically with your application in mind. Our designs and are SABS approved.

Depending on the client’s specifications, we fit pneumatic suspensions as these have been proven to reduce vibration stress in the animals being transported.

We specialise in conversions, repair and general maintenance and servicing of any type of livestock trailer.

The straight livestock, rigid vehicle body depicted alongside is well suited to hauling of smaller lots of animals over shorter distances and can be more easily maneuvered in confined spaces.

This cattle body features slatted steel sides and a full-width, rear swing door enabling easy on and of load where ramp access is available.

Longitudinal overhead steel bars prevent animals from scaling the enclosure while in transit and also offer additional rigidity to the cattle body.

Efforts have been made to reduce the weight of the body without compromising its strength or rigidity.

This design requires a sturdy of-ramp against which the vehicle can backup to enable on and off loading which is a standard feature of most cattle ranching operations in South Africa.